IP & Trademarks

Copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade names are referred to as intellectual properties, and are intangible assets that do not appear on financial statements.

Patent and Design

Patents protect new inventions and discoveries. They cover the design, structure, mechanical & operational aspects of the inventions and/or discoveries. On approval of a patent application, the owner may take legal action to stop others from creating, using, importing or selling the invention without permission.

Inventions must be new, should contain inventive step/s and capable of being implemented in some industry or a sector.

National laws & international treaties govern patents.

  • Design Patent
  • Utility Patent
  • Plant Patent
  • Allows you to take legal action on those who imitate, manufacture, sell and import your invention without your consent
  • Avoids exploitation of your invention
  • Allows you to sell the invention & all intellectual property rights
  • License the invention to someone else, but retain the Intellectual property rights
  • Discuss invention with others to set up a company / business around the invention

The overall representation or visual appearance of a product or part of the product is termed as design patent, registered to be protected in the choice of territory / territories. Design must be new and portray distinct and unique characters.

  • Provides you with exclusive rights on your design
  • Protection of your design and all other aspects related to it
  • Duration of protection is longer
  • Enforcement on infringers is easy
  • Monetary benefits – you can sell your design
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