IP & Trademarks

Copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade names are referred to as intellectual properties, and are intangible assets that do not appear on financial statements.


Trademark is a sign that makes a product or a service of a company distinct and unique from its competitors. An individual, business establishments, or legal entities use trademarks to uniquely identify the source of its products or services. Trademarks comprise of words, letters, designs, symbols, captions, slogans, logo, image, sound (in some countries) or a combination of these elements.

The purpose of Trademark law is to distinguish between the products or services through a label that accurately points to the source of that product or service. The source may be an individual, an organisation, or any other. It ensures trust and consistency in the quality of brands.

  • Word marks
  • Design Marks
  • Non-traditional Trademarks
  • Sound Trademarks
  • Scope of protection is higher
  • It is cost-effective and follows a centralised process
  • Subsequent countries or territories may be added to the international registration once they join the international registration system
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